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Full Time House Maid Service

If you require more help then Howdra can provide a Full Time House Maid Service Dubai where Howdra take care of the visa (our maids stay on Howdra company visa), salary, Benefits , Flights, Private medical insurance etc. all you pay is monthly fee.

Once our client has contacted our office our client will be matched to 3 or 4 Howdra ladies, where our client will be invited to come to our offices to hold a interview with our maids. Once selected our client will finalize all paperwork at the same time as interview thus allowing our client to take the selected lady same day. Once deployed our client have the full HR backup of the Howdra office in case of any extra help is needed after deployment.

Both Mr. Chris Howard and Mr. Courtnell personally interview every candidate whereas each lady is thoroughly interviewed, this process ensures only the best quality candidates are selected for employment which includes a pediatric first aid and home safety course For more info click here 

After  interview selection in country of origin each candidate https://www.hss-me.com/first-aid-training/home-safety-and-first-aid-for-maids-and-nannies/will complete a intense training course which incorporates the UAE culture. Howdra only employ Government accredited agencies thus ensuring no candidate is forced to pay any fees for the employment at Howdra,” As a company Howdra are very strict and thoroughly check our agents on this ” Says Mr. Chris Howard.

For our clients that wish to employ a Full Time House Maid Dubai,this is structured to a very easy process by Howdra.

Where as the maid stays on our company visa so Howdra deal with all the government paperwork and expenses. Salaries are paid by Howdra through WPS  into the maids personal bank account monthly. Howdra provide private medical insurance. All end of service benefits are paid by Howdra including return flights. Therefore our clients pay a simple cost effective monthly fee for the term of the contract and this is all the expense that our clients have to pay !

Throughout your contract Howdras experienced HR team will handle any problems or concerns our client or employee has.

This ensures that both our client and employee have a wonderful stress free experience.

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