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Guide To Hiring A Maid In Dubai – Like Costs & Picking A Maid Agency

Having domestic help is ideal for both ex-pats and locals in every country. Whether they just have a part-time cleaner coming for a couple of hours a week or a full-time, live-in maid, most people could not imagine doing all the housework themselves. This idea may take some getting used to, especially for non-working couples, but the comparatively low price of house staff will help you overcome any reservations you may have. Most non-working women find that having a cleaner or a maid gives them extra time to live with their kids, their partners, and on themselves – and that has to be a better thing.
Most family accommodations have a devoted en-suite maid’s area. In older villas, this was may a tiny stand-alone room in the back yard. In more contemporary villas, the maid’s room is located on the ground floor, generally near the kitchen. Bigger properties may give a series of rooms where you can house a few maids, a driver, and a gardener. If you wish to deploy a full-time maid, you must finance her yourself on a full domestic worker’s visa. You may hear of people deploying maids that are not on their sponsorship. However, you should know that the fine for being captured are very serious. The whole step can take up to a month, but you can fasten the step at each step by paying essential fees for both the processing of the health care and the residence visa. You will need to provide the following:
  • A passport copy of the people you are funding which is valid for at least the next 6 months
  • three passport-size photos of the people you are funding.
  • Copies of your passport and your partner’s passport with valid residence permits in both.
  • Your accommodation contract or tenancy agreement.
  • If the people are from the same country as you, you will need an affidavit from your embassy or consulate certifying that you are not related
  • Yearly payment is made to the ministry of labour

If you want to appoint a maid who is already in every country under someone else’s sponsorship you still have to follow the above-mentioned criteria. However, you will also need a letter of no-objection from that person’s last sponsor.

Remember, things do not continuously work out and maids have been familiar to leave their fundraiser and try to search for illegal part-time work anywhere else. The police will get associated if your maid does run away as you are liable for her while she is in the country. It is illegal to keep your maid’s passport, but you should hold a copy of it.
Lots of people get that they do not wish or do not require a full-time maid. It is necessary to learn that you should not hire a maid who is on someone else’s ownership as the fine for all concerned are very intense. You must find a maid from one of the lots of agencies. You should be conscious that a lot of the agencies may not be capable to meet your necessity without a lot of advanced notice as part-time maids are so much in demand. When you are borrowing part-time domestic help, you should specify your needs to the agency. They will try to match your requirements with the employee they have available.