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Need to Hire Housemaid? Here is how you should do it

Create a Job Profile or JD

The first step to hiring should be making a job profile and job details of the housemaid or other unorganized workers. You may ask why. Let me explain: Having job details or a JD can help you get transparency about more things. Some of these are:

  • What do you wish the Helper to do. Depending on this:
  • What would be the idealistic age of a people for the work
  • Can you have a look at the male as well as female candidates
  • What could be the wage outgo required?
Prepare for the interview
Ready for the interview to make sure the Helper can accomplish the JD needs. For this, catalog the questions you may wish to arise, actions you may wish a test to be taken for, etc.
The following could be a beginning schedule for tasks a person may need to accomplish as a Domestic Worker:
  • Look after day to day cleaning actions like mopping, dusting, sweeping
  • Cleaning, drying, folding ironing clothes
  • Preparing beds and dusting cupboards
  • Cooking food, including a special dish
  • Purchasing for groceries etc
  • Taking care of children and seniors
  • Dropping off and picking up children from school, taking them to the playground, helping them with homework
Once you have written down all the works you wish the maid to do, it will help you come at many things, having the time for which you need to hire the maid and the wage you are ready to give.
What are the better job timings for a housemaid?
Hire a live-in or part-time maid to depend on JD you made Whether you require a live-in, or daytime maid rely upon your needs.

Full-time maids will start work for 8 to10 hours. Sometimes workers try to get a housemaid/chef/nanny for 12 hours. But, just like us, no one can consecutively work energetically for 12 hours, unless there are a few rest periods in between. So, in place of trying to expand the time, see how you can help the domestic helper manage her work in 8 hours in a productive path.