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Ways to hire Full-time or Part-time housemaids

One of the common ways to choose housemaids in India is to hire one from a context. People normally ask their neighbors, close friends, and family to refer someone they know individually.
The cause for this is that faith in our mind is of the highest priority when hiring housemaids and we feel hiring from references makes the applicant safe. But, today this is not exactly true. No one will take liability if something unfortunate happens with you, including your house help. We have to ourselves take all the liability for our security and the security of our loved ones.
A benefit of choosing a better Institution or online portal is the options you get to pick a maid as per your requirements vs just 1 or 2 that you get by a reference from your neighbor etc. You can find institutions in daily newspapers or even social media platforms.
Before approving any hiring, check whether the housemaid you are calculating can do the jobs you wish her to do as you wish her to do. Will she clean clothes by hand if required, will she come at the time you require her, can she do dusting as required, etc.